Whether you’re out for the night or just stopping in for a quick one, a bit of soakage is always essential!


Sink your teeth into some of our signature toasties.

Ham and Cheese. Cheese. Cheese, Tomato and Onion. Alternatively enjoy any of the above toasties partnered with a pint of Guinness or Heineken for €8 from Monday until Thursday.

Ireland during the 1990’s in many ways was a far simpler time.

It wasn’t illegal to smoke in a bar, ‘I will call you on the landline’ was a popular phrase and confectionery sweets came in small brown paper bags. Luckily we still have a number of these timeless confectionery classics on offer here in Mary’s. Big Time, Refreshers, Stingers, Mint Crisp, Sour Apple Drops, Candy Canes, Sherbet Lemons & Clove Rocks will all leave your sweet tooth in a state of heavenly nostalgic bliss.