Whether you’re out for the night or just stopping in for a quick one, a bit of soakage is always essential!


Sink your teeth into some of our signature toasties.

Ham and Cheese.
Cheese, Tomato and Onion.

All served with a drop of tea, coffee or a mug of soup.

Alternatively enjoy any of the above toasties partnered with a pint of Guinness or Heineken for €8 from Monday until Thursday.

Ireland during the 1990’s in many ways was a far simpler time.

It wasn’t illegal to smoke in a bar, ‘I will call you on the landline’ was a popular phrase and confectionery sweets came in small brown paper bags.

Luckily we still have a number of these timeless confectionery classics on offer here in Mary’s.

Big Time, Refreshers, Stingers, Mint Crisp, Sour Apple Drops, Candy Canes, Sherbet Lemons & Clove Rocks will all leave your sweet tooth in a state of heavenly nostalgic bliss.