George Clendining the once owner of the Old Wicklow Hotel, would be happy to hear that we are remaining true to our roots.
The newest guests to this fine establishment can be found downstairs, bustling away with thanks to our most recent spot of trusty D.I.Y.

Sundae’s on a Tuesday? They might be a bit rare downstairs but all that hard work has paid off and now you can find a brand new, custom built WOWBURGER serving up the famously mouth-watering burgers, delicious sides and creamy shakes that you know and love.

Here in Mary’s we also have a new bar extension downstairs, so now you can sit back and enjoy a pre or post feed pint.
A pub come shop that sells hardware and juicy succulent burgers on the side, before this one could only dream!

New to WOW? No problem! Simply choose between a juicy hamburger, cheeseburger or bacon cheeseburger, all of which are available in two tasty sizes, WOW (double patty) or Mini (single patty). Add your toppings and sauces for free (no really, for nada!) and then decide which side – regular, garlic butter or chilli fries or crispy onion bits? Finish that order off with a creamy shake or a pint of the Black stuff and you’re good to go!

For more information, check out:
@wowburgerdublin |

WOWBURGER at Mary’s open 7 days a week
Sunday to Thursday: 12noon to 10pm
Friday & Saturday: 12noon to 11pm