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Pope Francis is Coming

Seven Nights of Uninterrupted Holiness at Mary’s Bar & Hardware August 20th-26th



The Pope is coming! Here at Mary’s Bar & Hardware we admit we love a wee bit of a pray, a wee bit of a confession and we just LOVE a good mass. Sure look it, who doesn’t these days?

We’re absolutely thrilled that Pope Francis himself is coming to our fair isle, so much so, we’re throwing out ALL the stops with a week packed full of very holy experiences.

We’re starting on Monday August 20th with a fine dose of confession. Drop by our bar and anonymously give up yer aul sins on our Give Up Your Old Sins wall of shame. This famous board of shame will be kept on display all week and you can have a good gawk at the sins of many heathens that have graced our bar and if you’re brave enough feel free to add your very own.

Once you’ve said your penance (at least two hail Mary’s because you’re on my turf after all), get ready to compete in our Father Ted Table Quiz on Wednesday, August 22nd. All you need to take part is yourself, three smart friends and a tenner each, with all proceeds gathered from the table quiz going to our charity partner Aware. Sign up in advance at Not only will there be a quiz, there will be a raffle with divinely inspired prizes.

As the week goes on, we plan on getting wilder with trad sessions on Tuesday the 21st and Thursday the 23rd of August. On Friday, August 24th, join us at the Pope-a-cabana where the first 50 through the door will get their hands on a FREE Sin & Tonic. We’ll be blasting out the best holy hits to get you in the mood for our big event the next day. Just imagine Living on a Prayer, Like a Prayer, I Say a Little Prayer and of course Mary’s Prayer, blasting beautifully while you sip on our tropical waters. It’ll be spiritual to say the least.

Now we did say WE LOVE a good mass and when the man himself is in town, well then, it’s got to be respected. We’re going to be screening Pope Francis LIVE from the Phoenix Park in our bar on August 26th at 3pm sharp. To celebrate this momentous occasion, we’ll bless the first people through the door with a Sin & Tonic and a “I Partied With The Pope” badge as well as a few other surprises.

As per usual, we’ll have the post mass pints flowing with a special guest serving them up behind the bar. His name might just be Frank (wink wink) and while Frank keeps himself busy, we’ll be giving out some vouchers for those fancy Wowburgers to those of you with the most outrageous sins that have yet to be given up.

Let’s just do a quick re-cap so Graham here can have the place gleaming in anticipation.

Monday – Give Up Yer Old Sins Board of Shame

Tuesday – Some Holy Trad

Wednesday – A very brilliant Father Ted Table Quiz

Thursday – Even More Holy Trad

Friday – Popacabana

Saturday – Pre-Mass Pints

Sunday – Pope Francis LIVE from Phoenix Park