Cúpla Deochanna?

A glass of our drink half full or half empty? That depends, are you pouring or drinking?

They say that God invented whiskey so the Irish wouldn’t rule the world, where Oscar Wilde once said that ‘work is the curse of the drinking class’. Whatever your opinion is, wet your whistle with a few drinks. Word of caution, for those of you who are planning on drinking to forget, please pay in advance.

For any drinks not on the below list, please enquire at the bar

Whiskey, Bourbon & Scotch
Beer, Stout, Ale & Cider
Gin, Rum, Vodka, Poitín
Did you know, the word ‘Growler’ means a small can that is used to carry fresh beer home form a saloon? (Quinn, 2007, ‘How the Irish Invented Slang’ pg. 167)

My Little Side Door

I’ve a nate little bar for beer and cigar,
Fine whiskey and sweet lemonade,
About six o’clock there’s no bar on the block,
Can equal my family trade,
I've brandy and gin, there's no bar can begin
For to beat me in liquors galore;
They say, "How are you, Dan?" with growler in hand,
As they enter my little side door...
Oh it’s ‘good evening, Dan’, with growler in hand,
They enter my little side door.
(Words by Ed. Harrigan. Music by Dave Braham. 1984)